April 8, 2013

Download Soluto 1.3.1174.0

Over the years, it happens that your PC take some time to start and it often has applications that crash. To avoid the irreparable, have software like Soluto is a wise choice.
key Features:
  • Startup Manager: Soluto combines in a single application with the tools you need to maintain the performance of your system. With it, you can manage the programs that run at Windows startup. Therefore, you can add a new entry in the list, remove or disable or resource-intensive programs, change the priority of a process, etc..
  • Fixed crash: No more frustrations with Soluto, you can easily identify the applications that crash or those who consume too many system resources. You can indeed uninstall these applications time or fix to avoid crashes crashes or repetitive data loss.
  • Maintenance: Soluto also accompanies you in maintaining your PC. It can alert you if there is an update available or if a repair must be made. For example, if it finds a possible slowdown in the PC, it suggests you to defragment the hard disk.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7.
  • Memory: 512 MB.
  • Disk space: 926 KB