November 26, 2012

Download GTA San Andreas for Pc

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the fourth game of the  franchise grand theft auto , it's the story of  Carl Johnson (CJ) who returns to Los Santos after his mother was murderd .
Carl returns to his former home on Grove Street. Carl reunites with his brother Sweet, and fellow gangsters Ryder Big Smoke, and OG Loc to reestablish Grove Street Families as the predominant gang in Los Santos. Carl, Ryder and Big Smoke begin intercepting shipments of weapons, waging war with rival gangs "Ballas" and "Vagos" for turf, and reducing the influence of crack cocaine among Family members. Carl also begins helping OG Loc establish a music career by ruining the career of prominent rapper Madd Dogg. While working to re-establish the gang, Carl begins mending relationships and gradually earning back respect from his family and allies especially earning back respect from Sweet, for leaving Los Santos five years prior.
In the aftermath Carl's family and friends arrive at the Johnson house for a meeting. Madd Dogg announces that he's received a gold record for his new album. Cesar proposes to Kendl. As his friends and allies celebrate their success, Carl turns to leave. When Kendl asked where he's going, he replies, "Fittin' to hit the block, see what's happening."