March 27, 2013

Download Cinema 4d r11.5

Create 3D animations, a virtual world with your own characters and heroes! Cinema4D is what you offer. This program is very useful for professionals, to create a high-end 3D animation.
Customizable modules: customizing animations becomes easier with Cinema4D, such as adding hair or fur to characters, lighting fields, processing volume and polygon reduction tools, management shadows and transparencies.
     Professional: since this software has been designed for the production of films for television, advertising, science, architecture and other fields, Cinema4D provides a professional looking results. This applies to packaging, architecture and 3D modeling.
     Formats: the software supports the following formats: 3D Studio, BVH Biovision / BVA, DEM, DXF, Direct 3D, FBX, Lightwave, Monzoom, Quickdraw 3D, STL, Shockwave 3D, UZR, VMRL, Wavefront OBJ, TIFF, BodyPaint 3D Targa TGA, BMP, PICT, IFF, JPEG, RLA, RPF, SGI, PNG, JP2, QuickTime, AVI, After Effects, Final Cut
  •     Mémoire vive: 512Mo de RAM.
  •     Processeur : 2.0 Ghz.