January 3, 2013

Download Ace Combat Zero : The Belkan War

ACZ the belkan war takes place before the events of the Unsung war , it's the story of an ace Galm1 (Cypher) and his wingmang "Solo wing Pixy" ,The player will go up against enemy ace squadrons who feature enhanced weaponry and combat prowess. Players who destroy everything without regard to hostility will receive the Mercenary rank, players who instead spare neutral targets will receive the Knight rank, and those that strike a balance between the two will earn the Soldier rank. These ranks will affect which enemy ace squadrons a player will face throughout the campaign.

Pixy's last words to Cipher are his catchphrase: "Yo buddy, still alive?" The narrator concludes that there's not enough information to find out who Cipher really was, but the fact that all of Cipher's former enemies smile when they recall him is enough for him.